Equipment is a Band

Hey! Nick here, inventor of the emo/pop-punk/power-pop/rock'n'roll band called Equipment from the city of Toledo, Ohio. Welcome to the Not-So-Frequently Asked Questions page! Here I will answer any burning questions that you may or may not have.

Who's in the band?

Equipment mainstays include Nick Zander (myself, he/him) on guitar/vocals, Jacob Scott (they/them) on guitar (ex-bass), and Jake Pachasa (he/him) on drums. They say a band isn't real until it has two Jakes in it. In 2021, Ellie Hart (they/them) joined the live band as the bassist, shuffling Jacob over to guitar. We have included many others in our live band over the years.

When did Equipment start?

Equipment as project started in the spring of 2015. I was in my senior year of high school and wanted to release music under a moniker that wasn't my own name. I released a five song demo on May 20, 2015. This demo EP was taken off the internet right before we started rolling out our EP Chump, but most of it was re-uploaded on its five year anniversary! We took out a song because it was weird. You can listen to it here!

When is new music coming out?

Relatively often, usually at least once a year.

Who ships the merch?

I do! Almost all of the packing, shipping, and web store management is done by me. If you ever have a problem with an order, shoot me an email at

Who produces your music?

Steven Blake has recorded, mixed, and mastered all of Equipment's official releases until our All You Admire EP, which was recorded and mixed by Chris Teti (TWIABP) and mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio. They're both super friendly, flexible, talented, and you should work with either of them! Here's Steve's site. Here's Chris' site.

Side projects?

Yeah, we have a lot of those. A whole page dedicated to our side projects is coming soon, but here's a rough list of them:

Dead side projects?

RIP to our old bands.

Will you add more to this FAQ?

Probably but it'll have to be later