Ruthless Sun Cassette (Second Run)

  • Ruthless Sun Cassette (Second Run)

Ruthless Sun Cassette (Second Run)

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First Run (Sold Out)
White with Splatter /25

Second Run (This Item)
Ruby with Splatter /50

Written and performed by Nick Zander, except:

Jacob Scott -- Bass (track 6), Vocals (track 2)
Jake Pachasa -- Drums (track 2), Vocals (tracks 2, 4)
Andy Zuercher -- Drums (track 3)
Steven Warstler -- Drums (tracks 4, 6, 8), Vocals (track 2), Organ (track 9)
Dean Tartaglia -- Guitar Garbage (track 5), Saxophone (track 10)

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Steven Blake
Pre-production by Dean Tartaglia, Steven Blake
Assistant production on track 8 by JT Langdon

Recorded 2017-2018 at The Master Bedroom in Toledo, OH


A1 SPF 5,000
A2 Doors Closing
A3 Sober Summers
A4 Downward Slant
A5 All You Admire

B6 Something Else
B7 Walk in the Door
B8 Rest Your Head
B9 Second Chance 2: II
B10 Contrast

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